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Residential Demolition

We offer full-service, total structure demolition, and debris removal services for all residential homes and structures. That includes total-building demolishment and removing everything structural from a building, such as load-bearing walls, concrete floors, and beams. You can expect professional, safe, and effective demolition for construction projects of any scope. Some examples include:Demolition of Large Residential Buildings: Condos, Apartment Complexes, Demolition of Single Family Homes.

Selective Demolition

In addition to total structure demolition and removal, we provide interior or soft demolition. These services involve the selective removal of specific non-structural elements within a building, keeping the building itself intact. We deliver professional demolition services for all of your home improvement needs. Some examples include:Interior Demolition (“gutting” the building)
Kitchen Demolition, Cabinet Demolition & Removal, Bathroom Demolition, Carpet & Flooring Removal,Ceiling & Drywall Removal,
Staircase Removal,Mechanical & Electrical Systems Removal and Deconstruction. 


Commercial Demolition

D.C. Demolition Inc. has the experience to plan and execute your project on time and on budget. From the single story house that you want removed to extend your orchard, or other use. To the multiple story warehouse demolition that needs to be done on schedule before the end of the year for the new build contractors following suit.

Environmental Clean up Services

We also clean properties where illegal dumping may have taken place outdoors or indoors. You can count on us to get the job done.


Junk removal

Need to remove unnecessary unwanted junk from your office building or your home. Feel free to contact us so we may get you a quote today.

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